Favorite piercing to perform:
Upper conch (flat), conch, stacked lobes, any fun and creative earwork/placements! Lip/labret/Ashley/snakebites.

What you enjoy the most about piercing:
Working together with clients to create their dream vision!

Funny anecdotes/quotes/experiences in the studio:
Singing yunglud with a client to calm her down throughout the piercing


What I enjoy about piercing:
The most beautiful thing about piercing is seeing a clients nerve settle from the very first sign up once they walk into the store to jumping into studio to see the excitement I am also the piercer for the day. Never knew I had a very calming voice until I had a needle in my hands haha

Seeing how happy people get once they look at the fresh piercing in the mirror always makes my heart happy.

Favourite piercing to perform:
I’d have to say eyebrows for sure , reason being they suit every anatomy and they are making a come back lately. Most I’ve done in a day is 7 almost as popular as septum’s

Funny Anecdote/quotes/experiences in the studio:
One day I pierced a primary school teacher we were doing a tragus, I asked how their day was going they giggled and told me they had set a group of prep students a task of rhyming words. They chose the word sock. You can only imagine the words these 5 year old’s came up with. We laughed for a good 5 minutes and turns out us having a laugh together made her more comfortable and didn’t feel the pain

Piercing I feel proud of:
My first ever horizontal eyebrow , different to the standard eyebrow and turned pretty crispy 😊