Piercings that you feel proud of:
I always get a feeling of pride when I’m performing a dermal procedure, regardless of its position.
The complexity of the procedure and the beautiful results that can be achieved make the whole experience genuinely enjoyable and gives me a sense of achieving something advanced or difficult.

Being nicknamed “The Gentle Ginger” for about 3 years.

Favourite Piercing to perform:
If I had to narrow it down to a single piercing/procedure, it has to be the Bridge Piercing.
I am a self-proclaimed “symmetry freak” and a bridge piercing contributes to my all-time favourite set of piercings (Bridge, double high nostrils, double nostril, septum, philtrum and vertical labret).
The multiple axes that are considered when performing the procedure make it obvious when the piercing is perfect and again makes it so satisfying to know that you did a great job and you have warranted the FLEX!

Favourite thing about being a piercer:
After finishing a piercing and hearing “it looks even better than I thought, I love it!”