Piercings you feel especially proud of:

The piercing I’m most proud unfortunately very much so NSFW, but it was 8 genital piercings in a single sitting! We ended up doing a total of 20 in approx. 8 months time! The spacing was absolutely second to none and I wish I could have posted a photo!

Funny anecdotes/quotes/experiences in the studio:
After doing a genital piercing each on the husband and wife, as soon as they had existed the studio they both pronounced their love for me and said that they were going to divorce because I “knew how to treat their genitals properly and even made them look prettier once I was finished with them” I’m still dying thinking about it.

Favorite piercing to perform:
My favorites are Any genital, Septum’s and dermals! I love a good sneaky piercing.

What you enjoy the most about piercing:
I love that I can help people express themselves and change up their look! I love being able to educate the general public about something that I have loved my entire life. Every single piercing I do, I fall more and more in-love with this industry.  




Favorite piercing to perform:
Double nose, Bridge

What you enjoy the most about piercing: 
I love the skill and clinicality of the whole process, I find the human body fascinating so being able to work so closely with is a huge privilege. Helping someone through the art of piercing to celebrate a big life change, mark a milestone or to just get a sick new piercing is immensely satisfying. Plus the look on the customers face after their piercing seeing their new piercing is my favorite part of the piercing.

Piercing you feel proud of:
This First one (Bridge) is the first bridge piercing I did unsupervised and my second ever, it’s probably one of my favourite piercings that I have done, I’m super proud of how it turned out. This second one (Ear) I did all of the piercings in their ear this was a great project ear for them that we mirrored on their other ear after giving enough time for their first lot to heal. I feel that it’s a really awesome snapshot of my skills as a piercer.


What I enjoy about piercing:
I love the reactions on my clients face when they hop up off the piercing bed and take their first glance at their new & unique Body Piercing! Not only do I enjoy customers responses, but I also enjoy giving clients the opportunity to express their individuality and let their freak flag fly! Super rewarding job to have and I wouldn’t have it any other way! 😊

Favourite piercing to perform:
My favourite piercing to perform is Nipple piercings! I enjoy performing these piercings because for 98% of my clients, women in particular, it is the biggest confidence booster, it helps them love their chest more. Not a lot of people love the way they look with minimal clothing on and having these piercings helps their confidence go from 1-100 very quickly. Even right after I perform these piercings and have the client take their first glance, they fall in love instantly to the point where they are more then willing to leave the studio topless! 😉

Funny Anecdote/quotes/experiences in the studio:
Funniest experience I’ve personally had in the studio was when I was piercing a client’s nostril, as soon as I pushed the needle through, she began having a sneezing fit! She continued to sneeze for about 25 minutes, every time I tried to finish the procedure, she started the sneezing fit again. Finally, after about 35 minutes or so, we finally got the piercing completed, my client ended up leaving with tears rolling down her face from laughter!

A piercing I feel very proud of is…
Once again, Nipples for sure! Over time I’ve developed a love for performing these piercings. They are by far the most rewarding piercing I perform. I’m constantly receiving positive feedback from my clients, and often have my current clients referring friends & family to me, for this piercing in particular!