Favourite piercing to perform:
Surface piercings, something about them I find oddly satisfying.

What I enjoy most about piercing:
Probably seeing the confidence boost people get from doing it and overcoming a fear.  See a lot of customers with a lot of anxiety so really enjoy helping people like that through the process and seeing how happy and how much confidence it gives them is very rewarding.  Have a lot of customers that are quite self-conscious about different aspects of their bodies so its good to be in a position as someone whos pretty much seen everything that they are completely normal and have had many customers tell me that that has really helped them which is great. 

Have also had a number of international tourists say that they had a friend from home get pierced by me and they told them that they have to come and get pierced here in Adelaide so that’s pretty cool. 

Piercing I'm most proud of:
Piercing that was probably the most challenging and difficult to do was probably the triple PA I did, two normal Pas and a Reverse.  Pretty unique and pretty rare to get the opportunity to do something like that and turned out really well.   

The orbital stuff is another one I enjoy doing, definitely super technical so enjoy testing my skills on things like that , same goes for double tongues which I seem to actually get reasonably regularly. 


What I enjoy about piercing:
What I enjoy most about piercing is the sense of pride you get when you execute a piercing perfectly and seeing how happy the client is with the end result. Personally, piercings for me have always gave me that extra bit of confidence in myself so knowing that I can do that for someone is amazing.
I also enjoy meeting new people and hearing their stories in the studio, it definitely makes it a more entertaining environment to work in!

Favourite piercing to perform:
I’ve enjoyed learning all piercings and techniques across my training but my favourite so far would be Navels, Conches and Septums. I love navels because the jewellery is just so pretty and I think they can boost anyone’s body confidence. I also love the range of jewellery for all of these piercings as they can be customised to suit any personality.

Funny Anecdote/quotes/experiences in the studio:
I love the banter in the studio! We definitely have the funniest customers. One that will always stick with me is a guy that came in for a tragus piercing, however he got slightly mixed up and asked for a ‘trachea’ piercing! We all had a good laugh afterwards.😊

Piercing I feel proud of:
Since becoming a body piercer I have found myself beaming with pride after every piercing I do. It’s a career path that had never crossed my mind before working for Off Ya Tree but when the opportunity arose I was more than keen to start and since then I’ve definitely found a passion for it.
I’m especially proud of my first double nostril piercing, it was lined up perfectly and the jewellery looked rad!