Funny anecdotes/quotes/experiences in the studio:
* NSFW - I have the same guy come back every time for piercing training rounds - always genitals + always hilarious. 
last time he came in – he bought the girl he was seeing – turns out she was also seeing the guy we had booked in before him – who was also getting genital piercings in training – she was the one that recommended us to him! – they all then had to wait around together for like 15 mins as we were running late - such an awkward experience! 

- we always have a laugh in the studio, Josh has a habit of politely exclaiming to himself in the back room + forgets we can hear him in the studio – clients often hear a high pitched  squeal or an “oh my sweet tea” or something equally as hilarious – sometimes they’re even blessed with Josh’s old southern lady impression! – it always breaks any tension instantly.

Favorite piercing to perform:
I’m a sucker for blinged up stacked lobes! – get creative + I love some crazy anatomy – you got half an ear? - I got you!

What you enjoy the most about piercing:  
The look of excitement on peoples faces when they see their new piercing – especially if they’ve wanted it for years! You can’t beat client satisfaction!

Piercings you feel especially proud of:
-High nostrils – symmetry is something I always struggle with – Brendan coached me over facetime and they came out awesome!
-This nape came out flush as and just looked so good on their anatomy.
-This dermal was just beautiful from the start – minimal redness and blood – (+ it healed beautifully too!)

What I enjoy most about piercing:
It's not every day you wake up and are excited to go to work but for me it is. I am blessed with having the opportunity to change the way someone thinks about themselves/increasing self-confidence, with what I do. Being a Body Piercer was completely different to what I expected it to be and the one thing I love most about piercing is the customers. Even the cranky ones come in and walk out happy. The self confidence boost that is seen when walking in to walking out is what I enjoy most about piercing, especially the fact that I help with that.

Favourite piercing to perform:
Industrial!! I am a sucker for an industrial and I love the challenge it brings, especially if the client does not have the perfect ear, I will try my hardest to make it work. The precision of piercing in two different spots of the ear to end up being connected with one barbell excites and at the same time challenges me on my angles and hitting point to point.

Funny experiences in studio:
“get nakey”–it was a hot summer day when I was being a sweaty studio chick, and I had these amazing clients who were all getting their nipples pierced. One after the other I pierced their nipples and every single person from that group used the term “get nakey” when I asked for them to either lift up or take off their top. This is now the term I continuingly use when piercing nipples as it takes the tension away and adds a little humour to the room. When this term was used, I almost cried of laughter.
Cooling gel with sound affects-in Tuggeranong I am blessed with having the pleasure to pierce a number of 10-year old’s who is having their first piercing. As we have probably all been there, we know what it’s like and how nervous we were, as well as super excited!! A lot of people prefer piercing older clients, but I love piercing younger ones!! When piercing them I get them to sit up and have a starring contest with mum/dad. Once the piercing is done there is always a shock to the little ones so that is where the cooling gel and sound effects come in. Just before putting the cooling gel on I say, “you ready?” and they are always like yes! (secretly hurry up and make it better), then the sound effects kick in, a lot of “oooooohhh”, “mmm mmm” and “ahhhh”, which every time will bring a smile or laughter to the room
“wet willy time”-TRAGUS PIERCING!!! Time to give customers a nice wet alcohol swab in the ear. I am always one to try make the studio an enjoyable environment and a place where people can just be themselves, well at least I can. So, if I can try make people laugh I will, which is perfect for when someone gets a tragus piercing!! After sitting them down and deciding what ear I look at them and smile “wet willy time” and majority of people laugh and be like WTF. This is when I grab the alcohol swab and give the tragus a good clean. After announcing wet willy, majority of people cringe, and squirm-I love it!

Piercings I feel proud of:
Dermals: This regular customer came in when I was doing dermal training and managed to sit through two dermals, plus a takeout of an old one. Was one of the best clients I have ever pierced with the dermals having minimal blood/bruising. The end result was killer with both chest dermals sitting flush as!!!

Dermals: These dermals I was super nervous for as they were the first arm ones I have done. The customer was super chill and was really relaxed which made it such a good experience for both of us. It was also the first time I used 1425 feet which I was stressing over. Both dermals popped in so satisfyingly with both of them sitting so flat on the skin. Very happy 😊

Eyebrows: Symmetry is something I have always been OCD about, and these eyebrow piercings were definitely the challenge I needed. The result to this day makes me so happy as they suit her layout perfectly as well as being super even



Funny anecdotes/quotes/experiences in the studio:

I was once piercing the nose of a 15 year old while her mum was in the room, when I pushed the needle through I was told to do something a tad unmentionable to a certain farm animal, and when the mum just look at me in horror and was like “(daughters name) LANGUAGE” I completely lost it.

Favorite piercing to perform:
I’ve have always had a penchant for things being neat and organized, so I especially love it when I get to do a double or triple lobe or helix and have everything line up perfectly.

What you enjoy the most about piercing:
When someone is really scared and they think they are going to wuss out then they are so proud of themselves when they get it.

Piercings you feel especially proud of:
Double Helix, so dang straight, favorite thing in the world!

Second Industrial ever, and first Surface piercing.