Paul Mann's creative style is strongly influenced by nature and the code hidden in its mystery.

He draws, tattoos and paints in an attempt to take the viewer on a journey. He unlocks each persons personal visual story and translates it to the perfect artwork tailored for the customer. 

Paul has been a visionary artist for the last 10 years and an artist his whole life. He started in the tattoo industry over 20 years ago working alongside tattoo artists, running the shop, serving customers and creating the artwork. In the last few years he heard his calling to become a tattoo artist and he feels he has been one over many lifetimes. 

He has been a digital painter, curator, designer and artisan of hundreds of artworks through his online business Galactic Seed and continues to do so. He has shared gallery space with some of the best artists in the world and sold his art globally. He looks forward to creative the perfect artwork for you and being part of the Punktured team.

Shoot over to Paul's Instagram or Facebook page and check out his latest portfolio and scope of work.