Favourite piercing to perform: 
Septums because they always come out crispy and there's such a big range of jewellery types to suit anyone. Also people always expect them to hurt so bad so the look of relief when they barely feel it is amazing.

What I enjoy most about piercing:
The look on a customers face when their expression changes from terrified to absolutely excited when they see their new piercing.  

Piercing I'm most proud of:
Daith, Forward Helix, Upper Conch and Helix - Came in for just a daith and walked out looking clean af with the extra setup.
Daith and Conch - Perfectly aligned piercings.
Helix x 5 and Lobe x 2 - Symmetry and flow on point! 




What I enjoy about piercing:
I enjoy creating a safe space for people to be able to express themselves and be creative with their bodies! I also love learning new things, and piercing is a field that involves constant learning! I also love sparkly things, so piercing with gemstones (Navel bars too- mmm!) are perfect for my magpie brain!

Favourite piercing to perform:
I really enjoy Nipples! I am such a sucker for 14G thick jewellery! I love the confidence they give to people, and I always feel proud when clients tell me that they feel super comfortable getting pierced by me- I want every piercing I do to be done in a safe and caring place! The best part about piercings is that they don’t care about your gender identity, sexuality, or way of living- they just enhance who you already are!

Funny Anecdote/quotes/experiences in the studio:
I have begun to say, “Pain is temporary, swag is forever,” to clients who are a little nervous about their piercing hurting. This results in many people thinking that I actually use the term ‘swag;’ unironically!

I’ve also had clients call me unbelievably hilarious things… things that I definitely can’t type here!

Piercing I feel proud of:
Definitely my first solo piercing on a friend of mine that I did during my training! I pierced her septum and was totally in love; she suits it so well and it really lit up her whole face! She looked even more beautiful with it done!