Favorite piercing to perform:

What you enjoy the most about piercing:
It has allowed me to travel and work in different stores and locations. Working with a client towards a goal piece of jewellery or arrangement of piercings. That popping sound of a really good dermal.

Funny anecdotes/quotes/experiences in the studio:
- “Tits out for the boys!” for a nipple piercing always gets a laugh

- When I first started piercing, we had a regular called Drew who would let us do almost any piercing we wanted to practice on him. Orbital, flats, double tragus, 12g septum. I did my first solo daith on Drew, and he was so chill and encouraging through the whole procedure. If I ever got nervous or unsure of myself while piercing him, he would end up reassuring me! Drew was a big help in building my confidence in the studio. And he always got coloured titanium, which is the best choice obviously.

Piercings you feel most proud of:
-This client had the most perfect tongue for piercing that I’ve ever seen. Flat, wide, no big blue veins! Premium. She already had the front three and I added the back two for her and changed her jewellery around, so it looked mint. What I found particularly interesting was that she lisped significantly more when she did not have the bars in her tongue. I’ve never seen another tongue like it since! It was really cool to be able to do this for her as its so unique.

-This was the first double septum that I did. Once again, big fan of the coloured titanium. This is a 1610 with a 1612 behind it. He is also able to flip both up at once! It started out as a joke/dare but the client ended up genuinely liking it quite a lot. The placement of these piercings was so important to ensure the jewellery would hang evenly and they would still be able to be flipped up.