What do you love most about piercing?
I love that there are no two types of anatomy that are the same. Whether its ears, nose, navel, nipples etc, they are all different which makes each piercing I do more interesting. It’s awesome too when customers come in and want something different even with different jewellery like rose gold and black together and bling….omg lots of bling!

What piercing are you most proud of?
Over the past 2 years that I have been piercing with Off Ya Tree/Punktured, one of the piercings I have grown to be proud of myself with, is industrials. I used to be intimidated when performing them especially since I didn’t have a chance to do many in the beginning, but now, I do them with confidence and really love doing them. I like also that they are more technical that some other piercing. A challenge is always fun!

Medusa/Philtrum are my absolute fave piercing to perform! I don’t know what it is about them that I love, but I just love doing them. I think they are super duper cute especially in rose gold or a little gem on top. A double stacked philtrim is definitely something I would love to perform on someone. Second to philtrim, I would have to said the rook. It would be a dream (given the right anatomy) to do a double or triple rook.

Funny anecdotes/quotes/experiences in the studio:
Favourite Quote to anyone who isn’t sure whether to get a piercing or not
“Bucket, Why Not”
(like the KFC ad)


Favorite piercing to perform:
Dermals and genitals. I love a challenge and I thrive off doing something different!

What you enjoy the most about piercing:
Being able to curate modifications on the body. Also, the clinical aspect of piercing has really changed the way I clean my house.

Funny anecdotes/quotes/experiences in the studio:
“Can ya smeeeeeell what The Rock. Is. Cookin’?” -Kirsty 2k20 setting up for a simple nose piercing.