What I enjoy about piercing:
What I enjoy the most about piercings is the moment when the client sees their new piercing their eyes light up like a Christmas Tree. For example: Making people fall in love with their noses after getting it pierced has to be a moment to admire.

Favourite piercing to perform:
My favourite piercing is a cross between septums and conchs. Septums can be a complete change up on a persons face and it can also be a secret if you flip it. I just think the jewellery for septums is so versatile and unique you can really find some beautiful pieces to go with any look. Conches are especially lovely not just to pierce but again the body jewellery selections you can get are unique and can range from cute studs to rings.

Funny Anecdote/quotes/experiences in the studio:
When I am inside the piercing studio with clients I always like to provide some fun facts or jokes to help ease anxious clients. My favourite joke to tell, would have to be, “How much is it to pierce a pirate’s ear? A buccaneer!” I love to also tell clients that are getting their navels piercings that in Ancient Egyptian times the Pharaoh would have their navels pierced and only they were allowed. The Egyptian Pharaohs believed the earring at the navel to be a sign of ritual transition from the life at the Earth to the eternity.

Piercing I feel proud of:
Septums and Helix’s (they are a classic and there is a reason for it)