Funny anecdotes/quotes/experiences in the studio:
I had a regular come in for a triple nose changeover, which he couldn’t do himself as it makes him pass out. The minute I put through the second ring he was out cold. He snored and snapped awake, looked at me all groggy and confused and asked me ‘why I was in his bedroom’ and ‘who the hell keeps playing the theme song from the Tv show Scrubs on repeat’

Favourite piercing to perform: 
Anything bold! Facial piercings like bridges, double nostrils and dermals are by far the coolest! A close second would have to be kids getting their ears pierced for the first time, they’re way braver than any other customer I’ve had 😊

What I enjoy most about piercing:
The reaction after they see their piercing for the first time- It makes me smile knowing I’ve made someone feel more like themselves!

Piercing I'm most proud of:
Probably my first attempts at new stuff, with Jo watching and helping me advance my skills, I don’t even feel scared- I love a challenge!
The best had to be my first dermal on my co-worker Slats- I was so surprised at how easy the whole process was!

Funny anecdotes/quotes/experiences in the studio:

I was once piercing the nose of a 15 year old while her mum was in the room, when I pushed the needle through I was told to do something a tad unmentionable to a certain farm animal, and when the mum just look at me in horror and was like “(daughters name) LANGUAGE” I completely lost it.

Favorite piercing to perform:
I’ve have always had a penchant for things being neat and organized, so I especially love it when I get to do a double or triple lobe or helix and have everything line up perfectly.

What you enjoy the most about piercing:
When someone is really scared and they think they are going to wuss out then they are so proud of themselves when they get it.

Piercings you feel especially proud of:
Double Helix, so dang straight, favorite thing in the world!

Second Industrial ever, and first Surface piercing.