Funny anecdotes/quotes/experiences in the studio:
I had a regular come in for a triple nose changeover, which he couldn’t do himself as it makes him pass out. The minute I put through the second ring he was out cold. He snored and snapped awake, looked at me all groggy and confused and asked me ‘why I was in his bedroom’ and ‘who the hell keeps playing the theme song from the Tv show Scrubs on repeat’

Favourite piercing to perform: 
Anything bold! Facial piercings like bridges, double nostrils and dermals are by far the coolest! A close second would have to be kids getting their ears pierced for the first time, they’re way braver than any other customer I’ve had 😊

What I enjoy most about piercing:
The reaction after they see their piercing for the first time- It makes me smile knowing I’ve made someone feel more like themselves!

Piercing I'm most proud of:
Probably my first attempts at new stuff, with Jo watching and helping me advance my skills, I don’t even feel scared- I love a challenge!
The best had to be my first dermal on my co-worker Slats- I was so surprised at how easy the whole process was!

Funny anecdotes/quotes/experiences in the studio:
* NSFW - I have the same guy come back every time for piercing training rounds - always genitals + always hilarious. 
last time he came in – he bought the girl he was seeing – turns out she was also seeing the guy we had booked in before him – who was also getting genital piercings in training – she was the one that recommended us to him! – they all then had to wait around together for like 15 mins as we were running late - such an awkward experience! 

- we always have a laugh in the studio, Josh has a habit of politely exclaiming to himself in the back room + forgets we can hear him in the studio – clients often hear a high pitched  squeal or an “oh my sweet tea” or something equally as hilarious – sometimes they’re even blessed with Josh’s old southern lady impression! – it always breaks any tension instantly.

Favorite piercing to perform:
I’m a sucker for blinged up stacked lobes! – get creative + I love some crazy anatomy – you got half an ear? - I got you!

What you enjoy the most about piercing:  
The look of excitement on peoples faces when they see their new piercing – especially if they’ve wanted it for years! You can’t beat client satisfaction!

Piercings you feel especially proud of:
-High nostrils – symmetry is something I always struggle with – Brendan coached me over facetime and they came out awesome!
-This nape came out flush as and just looked so good on their anatomy.
-This dermal was just beautiful from the start – minimal redness and blood – (+ it healed beautifully too!)

What I enjoy most about piercing:

I think what I enjoy most is the customer satisfaction after their piercings. Whether it be a piercing they have come to get to boost their self esteem or body positivity and reclaim their body for what they want to see it as, or if they’re just simply super proud of themselves for coming and getting it done. That’s definitely the best part, making someone feel great about themselves is always super rewarding.

Favourite piercing to perform:
To be honest, every piercing I do is a favourite! Not everyone gets to work their dream job and do something they are truly passionate about every day, so no matter what piercing it is I love every single one. Especially when I get to put pretty gems on and jazz them up!

Funny experience in the studio:
I was piercing a young girls navel for her 15th birthday and her Dad had come in to watch and for moral support. Once I pushed the needle though she dropped the F bomb at the top of her lungs, and all I heard from over my shoulder was her Dad say “language young lady”. That was quickly followed by a ‘OMG Dad I’m so sorry I promise I’ll do the dishes every night this week!” That gave me a good giggle.

Piercing I feel proud of:
Any piercing I do that is a fix-up that a client has come in for that they weren’t happy with. Any time I can help a client out and re do a piercing so they can leave satisfied with is always a proud moment.