What I enjoy about piercing:
I love that I get to come into work everyday and create a studio space where my clients can feel comfortable, safe and confident- Unsure of where to start? Nervous? Needle phobias? No problems at all, I got you!

Favourite piercing to perform:
My favourite piercings to perform are anything that involves a keen eye for symmetry or alignment… think a triple helix or stacked lobes- having been an illustrator most of my life, creating a ‘setup’ that looks super sharp is always satisfying in my books.

Funny Anecdote/quotes/experiences in the studio:
I always enjoy my client’s reactions after I tell them their piercing will feel like Wasabi; ‘Well because it’s going to be a tad stingy/burny to start, but it lets off super fast just like wasabi! It doesn’t linger like sriracha’
Gets people giggling and I find that in itself helps to ease them through their appointment and any concerns they have regarding the sensation of being pierced.

Piercing I feel proud of:
Honestly, any piercing where in my client leaves the studio with a big smile! I’ve always used piercings as a form of self expression/way to build confidence, so I adore that years down the track I’ve been given the opportunity to help others feel that also.