Favorite piercing to perform:

What you enjoy the most about piercing:
Cause this is what Beyonce is singing about

Funny anecdotes/quotes/experiences in the studio:
Piercings are like fries: you can’t have just one

Piercings you feel especially proud of:
I enjoy every piercing, as long as there’s a gem on it. But in particular I love pierce Nostrils and Nipples, cause in my personal experience, they are the ones I’m more attached to.



What I enjoy about piercing:
The body piercing community is immensely creative and allows a celebration of self-expression, reclamation of the body and honours an ancient art form. I love being able to interact with my clients in a fun, safe environment and have a genuinely exciting experience while I help them fulfil their vision!

Favourite piercing to perform:
A simple lobe could become my favourite piercing of the day as long as my client walks out absolutely beaming, though I personally really enjoy performing curated / constellation ear, smiley, septum and double nostril piercings!

Funny Anecdote/quotes/experiences in the studio:
“You’ve made me laugh, you’ve made me cry, you’ve put me through pain but you have made me so happy! Who are you, my body piercer or my ex-boyfriend?” - A return piercing client.

Piercing I feel proud of:
I always feel super proud when I am able to perform killer piercings on my anxious clients and I get to see all their nerves melt away when they see their new bling for the first time! Clients who return time and time again always make my day. I am so honoured to be able to make our customers sparkle.