Favorite piercing to perform:
Vertical nipples, dermals and navels

What do you enjoy the most about piercing:
I love body piercings. Its an experience most people want and some to just express themselves. I’m honored that anyone would give me their trust into giving them an amazing piercing and a little bit of soul therapy. Some people say every piercing is a memory, emotional experience and or that it is a phase you’ll grow out of it. But piercings to me are truly special.

Funny anecdotes/quotes/experiences in the studio.
Went on a blind date, my date asks what I do for a living. I said I legally stab people with consent and they come back to see me after 3-4 months. But I never saw him again that’s for sure.

Piercings you feel proud of:
I’m proud of this piercing because I never get a lot of males wanting navel piercings, let alone a vertical nipples, he was truly an amazing human being and super chill.


Favorite piercing to perform:
Double nose, Bridge

What you enjoy the most about piercing: 
I love the skill and clinicality of the whole process, I find the human body fascinating so being able to work so closely with is a huge privilege. Helping someone through the art of piercing to celebrate a big life change, mark a milestone or to just get a sick new piercing is immensely satisfying. Plus the look on the customers face after their piercing seeing their new piercing is my favorite part of the piercing.

Piercing you feel proud of:
This First one (Bridge) is the first bridge piercing I did unsupervised and my second ever, it’s probably one of my favourite piercings that I have done, I’m super proud of how it turned out. This second one (Ear) I did all of the piercings in their ear this was a great project ear for them that we mirrored on their other ear after giving enough time for their first lot to heal. I feel that it’s a really awesome snapshot of my skills as a piercer.


What I enjoy about piercing:
I love the creative aspect of piercing and being able to create some snazzy projects and help people express themselves. Piercings are always evolving and I love learning new ways to perform my art.

Favourite piercing to perform:
The conch is the most satisfying piercing to perform.

Funny Anecdote/quotes/experiences in the studio:
I love being a therapist to clients, I cherish the stories and experiences that people share with me and the trust they put in me.

Piercing I feel proud of:
I’m the most proud of doing orbital piercings, they’re so diverse and nailing such a tricky piercing gives me tons of satisfaction.