Buy what you want today, enjoy it as soon as a few days and pay it off interest free over 8 weeks!
There's no hassle with long, complicated application forms with Afterpay. Just a quick online sign up and fast approval to keep on shopping. 


Afterpay is now available in all Off Ya Tree stores and Punktured Tattoo and Piercing studios.

    You can find your nearest piercing studio here and tattoo studios here. 


    How does Afterpay work?
    Using Afterpay is simple and easy. Once signed up, they allow purchases up to $1,000 and each purchase is then paid off over 4 equal instalments every 2 weeks. 

    When is the first payment due?
    The first payment for your purchase is the first instalment which is made 2 weeks after you order. Otherwise for first time Afterpay users, the first installment is paid at the time of your order. 

    Does it cost extra to use Afterpay?
    Definitely not! Afterpay is a free service that does not charge interest. 
    The only fees that are applied are if you are late to a payment which can be avoided by simply logging into the Afterpay app and selecting a different payment method. 

    What happens if I pay late?
    If you happen to miss an automatic payment, then you still have until midnight that day to pay. If your order is under $40 you will incur a late fee of $10, then a further $7 if payment isn't made within 7 days. 
    If your order is over $40, you will incur a late fee that is capped at 25% of the order value or $68. Whichever is less. 

    For more information - check out the Afterpay website here